Thursday, December 29, 2011

jln2 cari mkn

last week, me n my friend, yani went to chicken rice shop for our lunch..main menu there, of course la nasi aym..

 i choose this one, chicken rice with grilled button chicken...served with pak choy with oyster sauce (ni sayur), kalau nk thu rs cane grilled butter chicken ni, kne try la..:-)

yani ambik healthy meal set which are include :
1. personal portion of healthy chicken breast
2. braised tofu n braised egg
3. ipoh bean sprouts
4. chicken rice
5. soup
6. soya milk

mmg bkhasiat,tp kitorg pelik, air yg smpi ms tu,its not soya milk, but it was pepsi...silap hntr la tu...

pepsi plus 7 up

lps tu, teringin lak nk mkn tutti frutti..bedal tutti fruitti lg pas mkn ns aym..:-)

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