Thursday, September 20, 2012

new life of me

Currently, I am a wife to my beloved hubby, a part time tutor, a full time Ph.D student, a daughter to my parents and will be a mother soon, insyaAllah...It is so challenging..My schedule totally different, totally change compare to last few months...Please pray for me, so I can work, I can study better and can carry out my duty as a wife and mother at the same time...
Oh, one more thing, my students today were sooo active and ask so many questions compare to the other class..It is good and fine..I was so glad they didn't shy and red-faced to ask question. But, of course I need to be prepared..:-)
Last but not least, I present to you the official song of UPM.. I need to memorize the lyric since I am new there..Plus, by hook or by crook, I will need to sing this song if there is seminar or meeting with Vice of Chancellor or with the highest members..Enjoy the song!! hehe...   :-)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

next month

Ops, october just around the corner..What do u want for your birthday, honey?
Still thinking what to give and how to celebrate it...Hehe...

Monday, September 3, 2012

September 2012

register phd @ UPM - done 30082012
renew staff card USIM - done 03092012
car sticker USIM - done 03092012
offer letter tutor USIM - taken at FST 03092012
offer letter KPT - waiting (they said, they will print out this week)
PHD research - ongoing...CHAYO!!!CHAYO!!!

3 months 8 days

Assalamualaikum semua...

Dah 3 bulan lebih fiza bergelar seorang isteri dan 3 bulan lebih jugak fiza merasa pengalaman sebagai seorang ibu...Awal-awal kandungan memang memenatkan, muntah-muntah, tapi alhamdulillah fiza boleh lalui ramadhan tahun ni dengan jayanya.. :-) Tak payah ganti puasa la tahun ni maknanya.. :-) Oh ye, birthday fiza baru je lepas..Say happy birthday to me..:-)

Tahun ni first time bersahur dan berbuka dengan husband..Alhamdulillah, fiza larat lagi bangun siapkan sahur untuk kami..Cuma, kadang2, husband yang rajin ni yang akan prepare sahur..Biasalah, ibu mengandung ni, kadang2 ada rasa penat..:-) Alasan btol..hehe..

Tahun ni, cadangnya nak beraya kat kampung husband dulu tapi memandangkan first day raya husband fiza kena kerja, so fiza balik dulu la, so boleh raya dekat rumah fiza dulu..Malam tu baru dapat raya ngan husband..Raya kedua still kat rumah fiza, raya ketiga baru balik rumah mertua..Tak banyak beza pun raya dengan rumah sendiri dengan rumah mertua cuma belah husband fiza ni, ramai anak sedara..So, cikde ngan pokde ni kene sediakan duit raya la..

family belah ayah fiza..sebahagian je ni..
so far, raya tahun ni memang best..insyaAllah, tahun depan raya dengan baby la pulak...:-)