Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a short week

I need to jot down what I need to do this week, a very limited time for me to settle down all these things. Yesterday, I was in hurry to send my thesis to copy center to bind my thesis, so I can submit them to centre of graduate studies (CGS). I told the owner to finish it by today, because senate meeting will be held on Wednesday which is tomorrow.. I need to submit my hard bound thesis before the senate meeting, thats means i need to submit it today!!!! But, unfortunately, when I want to take my thesis, the owner had a BIG MISTAKE!!!the hardcover is in dark blue!!!dark blue colour is for undergraduate student...huh...I want to cry on that time, I need to submit it today but I can't because of the mistake..for master student, the hardcover should be in MAROON..what should I do..I already told the shop assistant yesterday, the hardcover should be in MAROON..but I don't know why she didnt pass my important message to the shop owner..huh...I asked the CGS whether I can submit my thesis in dark blue hardcover. but they said they cant accept it..so, I go back to the shop and told them the hardcover for my thesis should be in MAROON, otherwise my thesis will be rejected..so sad..But, fortunately, the owner said it is his mistake and I don't need to pay for that mistake, the price will be the same.syukur, alhamdulillah..
tomorow is senate meeting..
tonight, I have an appointment with house owner at seri kembangan. I need to check that house first and need to decide whether I want to rent it or not.
thursday, I will pick up my thesis at copy centre. I hope everything will be ok and I will submit it directly to CGS. plus, on thursday also, I hope I can get the letter from senate. oh, I also have a class on friday, mathematica subject, I hope my students will behave..:-)
friday is the last date for my phd registration at UPM!!!ooohh..I have a very limited time to do all these things..I cant register if I didnt get the letter from senate, I hope I can get it on thursday..insyaAllah..
on friday also, I will plan to go home, because my students will break 1 week for their midterm break..I hope I can settle down all these things before I go home...insyaAllah..

I know, I'm not grammar expertise, so if there are english teachers, tutors, lecturers outhere who read this page, please leave your comment to correct my grammar..hehe...:-)

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