Sunday, April 24, 2011

research methodology course

during the 3 days i attended a research methodology course, there were several verse that motivate me to keep going to finish my master asap n further my study with phD...
% begin with nothing end with something!!!
% become nobel laureate!!!insyaAllah..
% adopt & adapt
% begin with an end in mind..
majority penceramah yg bg talk during the course, sume ckp master or phD bkn sesuatu yg mudah, rmi jgk yg menangis disebabkan phD diorg, bermacam2 dugaan & rintangan before they got the itu sume asam garam dlm meraih for my friends out there, dont be give up and always work hardworking..sbb utk mendapatkan title DR kite xperlu mnjadi seorg yg smart tp kite perlu menjadi seorg yg sabar, istiqamah & rajin...

esk smbung blk kursus research methodology.. :-)

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